Kids! I love kids! My family is my passion. My great husband and our 6 beautiful children with all their spirit and love of life. They have taught me many lifetimes worth of good things.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

December 2007

Sheltielady's Blog

This has been an interesting year - "Interesting"is probably not the right word.
We've had more than a few curve balls thrown our way. But we have our family, we have the Gospel and our faith in Jesus Christ is strong. We are truly blessed. Lots of love and hope and peace have come to us.

I'm still in Jr. High, this year teaching 9th Biology & Earth Systems & 7th grade science.
I was awarded a full ride scholarship from the Utah State Office of Education to pursue an advanced degree - it's a pretty daunting task to find the time for this with all that is going on in
our lives & working full time too.
Meanwhile I am working hard at keeping track of the 500+ students I have in my classes this year.

Dad is enjoying his 'new' job with JPMorgan Chase, and enjoying his new friends and co-workers. Who wanted to keep 28 years of seniority and 45 days of paid time off anyway?
His favorite church calling is still Primary. We've been teaching together for 3 years now.

We added another darling grandchild To the clan - bringing the total so far to 4.
AJ (6 months) is a beautiful happy child and we love him dearly, as we do all the grandchildren.

Isaiah is 2 /12 and never fails to bring happiness to our home with him. He talks a mile a minute.

Vessel, 1, is another charmer
with a big smile & is the happiest kid I have ever seen.
He and his parents live in South Salt Lake City and are students at UofU - Mike is an intern as an investment banker. He is really a hot commodity with the head hunters right now -
we're impressed - GO MIKE!

Willow, 1, being the only grand daughter, holds a special spot in our hearts. She also turned 1 recently and is a real little firecracker of energy. She and Isaiah and their parents live in Murray. Jeremy teaches at a private school and seems to enjoy it very much.

On a sadder note of the year, my Father passed away on July 7th. I miss him terribly.
It's really too bad that the spouses of our married children were not able to get to know him when he was really himself. The person they have known for the past 4 years was not really him.
The thing I regret most was that I was not a better friend to my Dad.
He was superman! I miss him a lot.